Meet The Team Grid

  • Dr. Salim Abou Isber
    Dr. Salim Abou Isber

    Founder of B-Beiroot Dental Clinic
    DDS, CES Dental Surgery, CES Aesthetic and Restorative Dentistry, DUSD

  • Dr. Hassan El Husseini
    Dr. Hassan El Husseini

    DDS, DES oral biology, DESS Endodontics, DESS forensic dentistry, LUSD Clinical instructor, Department of Endodontics, LUSD

  • Dr. Hassan Bassam
    Dr. Hassan Bassam

    DDS, DU, CES
    DU Orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics, university of Nantes, France
    CES Orthodontics and dento-facial orthopedics , university of Toulouse III Paul Sabatier , France

  • Dr. Mira Hamed
    Dr. Mira Hamed

    DDS, MS prosthodontics, LUSD

  • Dr. Cosette Aeil
    Dr. Cosette Aeil

    DDS, DES oral biology, LUSD

  • Dr. Sahar Haidar
    Dr. Sahar Haidar


  • Dr. Rita Habchi
    Dr. Rita Habchi

    DDS, CES Dental management , LUSD

  • Horr Abou Isber
    Horr Abou Isber

    Dental Prosthetist , BS Dental Laboratory, UA

  • Ms. Reem Shaaban
    Ms. Reem Shaaban


  • Ms. Rawan Alrifai
    Ms. Rawan Alrifai

    Dental assistant

  • Ms. Razan Alrifai
    Ms. Razan Alrifai

    Dental assistant

  • Mr. Ali Meselmani
    Mr. Ali Meselmani

    Technical support

  • Ms. Fikir Tufa
    Ms. Fikir Tufa

    Dental assistant